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"T-KID The Producer", born Tlhaloso Ramadiro, is a South African and is best known as a music composer, producer and audio engineer in different fields of music. With over 11yrs of experience and having won 2 awards and has a catalog with over 500 000 views and streams globally. T-KID has collaborated and worked with artists like Alejandro, Kid Tini, Dj Yanga, Loki, Leezy Lindokuhle, Indigo Stella, and many more. He also has worked on uBettina Wethu, SAFTAs, DSTV MVCA, and many more. He has been a record producer and music producer for many artists and has helped alot of artists have their come up. He has appeared on several video, print and audio platforms where he was given a chance to share his story and help other musicians on how they can learn and build their careers. Since the beginning of 2022, T-KID has been selling sample packs and melody packs as his new method of helping music producers access quality sounds, and speed up their production process.

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