Welcome To New Slooply!

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Modern design

Our website has a new, refreshed look, which makes using the website much more pleasant.

Search Engine Powered By AI

Experience enhanced search precision and speed with our advanced search engine powered by artificial intelligence.

Easier Filtering

Finding the perfect sound is now effortless with our redesigned filter system, compatible with PCs, laptops, MacBooks, and phones.


Less waiting, more creating. We've boosted our site's speed to keep up with your flow

Smooth Navigation

Quickly find the sounds you need with our streamlined interface.

More is coming!

Our desktop and mobile applications are coming soon!

Switch Between New & Old Version!

Home Page

New Version Old Version

The homepage has kept its previous layout. The background image has been refreshed, and the position of the search bar has been slightly adjusted. The buttons for the main categories now feature a new oval design. The arrangement of featured products, new products, and the list of new sounds remains unchanged. A new unified three-column layout has been introduced to the list showcasing top products, sounds, and providers. Additionally, the most popular instruments have been added below these lists.

Product Page

New Version Old Version

The product page retains its original layout. The product cover has been downsized, allowing users to view a list of sounds immediately upon entry. The buttons now sport a more modern, oval shape. Filters have been streamlined into a single row, enhancing accessibility and clarity for users. There have been minor modifications to the sound list. Key details such as genre, instrument, or mood have been integrated into the sound names, improving the list's transparency. The key and tempo, or type remain unchanged. The buttons within the sound list have been standardized to a round shape. Instead of infinite scroll, we have introduced classic pagination to improve the efficiency of sound browsing.

Samples Page

New Version Old Version

The samples page has kept its original design. The main update involves the arrangement of the filters. Previously, our website used a columnar layout where each column featured a button at the top to filter by a specific parameter. In the new version, the filters are organized linearly. This design improves readability and makes the filters easier to use on devices with smaller screens, such as smartphones.

🤘 A New Era Begins at Slooply - Evolution not revolution!

After lots of hard work and careful planning, we're thrilled to roll out the new and improved Slooply platform to you! Our mission has always been to deliver a top-notch experience, and with this makeover, we're excited to elevate your creative adventures to the next level. Get ready to explore, discover, and create in ways you've never imagined! Plus, this update is more of an evolution than a revolution—you'll find the interface feels familiar and easy to navigate, so you can jump right back into your flow.